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The Woman Behind Sunkiss

"I was broken, and instead of giving up on myself, I decided to fight, I rose from my bed of depression, and chose life".


My name is Carla Parson, and I am a poetic black queen that has fallen hopelessly in love with fitness. I have overcome morbid obesity, diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, joint pains, and much more.


My desire is to show others that if this resiliently sun-kissed girl from the "D" can transform her lifestyle and body through health and fitness, surely they can too. 


We don't have to be another statistic. We have the power to break generational obesity. I was unquestionably and undeniably lackadaisical. Refused to stomach change, and too lethargic to accept the challenge. Petrified of fast food backslides, junk food withdrawals, and "rabbit food” proportions, but I put my excuses to the side and remembered...I am CAPABLE and STRONGER than my EXCUSES. 

Welcome to the journey of Sunkiss Fitness!

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